Why DataHolic ?

Since DataHolic came to life, It succeeded to achieve customer satisfaction as a main aim in each challenge it face. Our strategy is relying on three basic axes.
Firstly, The relationship with customer and how to maximize his satisfaction and bring his ideas into reality exactly like what he imagines.
The Second axis is the relationship with our employees. We believe that human resources are the most important and effective resources we have.
Every employee has needs and also a brain that’s ready to be creative just when there is a chance to be. That’s why we take care of his needs to give him the chance to be creative.
Finally, the quality of our products, solutions and services, we accept no less quality than world class business standards. So we carefully choose our partners and select brands we represent based on how much it satisfy the world class business standard.

All above concepts give us a chance to have a list of well-known customers who decided to trust in DataHolic to design, implement and maintain solutions they need.
Network Solutions, Wireless Solutions, Security Solutions, Voice Solutions … and many other Smart Solutions draw the image that represent DataHolic as it should be.